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6 Mistakes that Hike up Your Grocery Bill!

1) Visiting Wrong Store

You may make a tremendous difference by where you buy. If you're heading to a pricey location, it's a good idea to check out some of the bargain shops.

Start at Trader Joe's, Lidl, or Aldi. You're undoubtedly spending more for pantry products at a posh grocery store than you would elsewhere.

2) Shopping without planning

Aimless purchasing leads to wasting money and food. 30-40% of U.S. food is wasted. 

When planning meals, choose foods that can be used for numerous meals. Consider turning tonight's surplus chicken into tomorrow's tacos.

When we go to the store, we're more sensitive to end cap displays or sales, so we wind ourselves buying stuff we didn't intend to buy.

3) Shopping from store than online

It's a time saver for one, and it ensures that you only obtain the items on your list by shopping online and picking them up at the store.

4) Buying bigger & higher quantities

Being conscious of portion sizes and just buying what you need will save money. Extras should be refrigerated or frozen immediately.

The fact that supermarket stores and warehouse sellers like Costco are skilled at selling us items in excessive quantities is not helpful.

5) Buying more of meat & diary

Bacon, butter, and milk have generated sticker shock because of rising prices. Many Americans plan meals around these dietary groups. 

Even though cutting less on these things is excellent for both our health and wallets, it's also a good habit for the environment.

6) Buying branded things

We're more likely to buy a brand name product if we've been exposed to advertising. If your first instinct is to buy a well-known brand, take a step back and reconsider.

This development of store brands, including organic options, has resulted in a savings of up to 20% to 40% on the retail price of the same product.

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