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9 Reasons Buying in Bulk is Not Good!

1) Perishable goods go bad

When you buy perishable food in bulk & end up throwing much of it away after it spoils, it's not a good deal. It is an issue with other fruits, vegetables, & dairy products.

2) Space issue to store items

Bulk items typically take up more space than standard grocery items. As you shop, consider whether you have enough space to store your purchases.

3) Variety packs include things you don't like

A variety pack may appear to be a money-saver, but if only half of the flavors appeal to you, you may be wasting your money.

4) You have more than you need

Ketchup and mustard are great condiments to have around the house, but bulk-size bottles take up a lot of room in the fridge & at the end get expired.

5) You end up with expired goods

Buying in bulk can help you keep products on hand. It could also signify a shelf stocked with expired things.

6) Per item cost may not be great saving

To evaluate if you can save money by shopping at a warehouse store, compare the prices of things you usually purchase at a conventional store & a warehouse.

7) It bust your budget

You may assume you're saving money by purchasing in bulk at a warehouse retailer. However, your wallet may take a hit at the checkout counter.

8) Trying new may be expensive

Costco may carry products your local store doesn't. You may like something new at the store but not at home.

9) Need of memebership first

Warehouse store savings require a membership. Do you save enough to justify a membership?

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