9 Scams Seniors Should Know & Avoid!

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1) Health care scam

Scammers pose as Medicare or health care representatives to get personal information from seniors. Scammers may offer elders health insurance.

2) Great grandchild scam

Scammers phone elderly pretending to be grandkids or great-grandkids. Verify the person's relationship before paying them.

3) Phishing

A fraudster sends an email that looks like it's from a government organization, demanding personal information such SSNs and bank account details.

4) Untrusted Financial Advisors

Even with reputable professionals, elders must be vigilant. Always watch the money entering and leaving your investing accounts.

5) Prescription drug scam

Seniors go internet for cheaper prescription drugs due to escalating prices. Fake medications make this swindle dangerous.

6) Obituary scams

In the obituary scam, con artists read local obituaries then call the deceased's family to demand money for a bogus debt.

7) Funeral scams

Some shady funeral homes are dishonest. Even for cremations, they make elders choose the most expensive casket.

8) Medicare card scams

Fraudsters call, email, and knock on doors posing as Medicare. Criminals will offer health services if you validate your Medicare ID.

9) Social Security scam

The caller claims your Social Security number was utilized in a crime. The fraudster says you must transfer money to fix it, or the police would be chasing you in minutes.

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