Burger King Launching Two Major New Burgers

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Twenty years ago, if you had asked Burger King if it would ever consider creating a menu of plant-based meat alternatives, the fast food restaurant would have likely said it was, well, impossible.

However, the chain has made major advancements in that field during the last three years.

Impossible Foods, a leading manufacturer of plant-based products, and The King of Flame-Broiled Beef Patties collaborated to develop some of the first well-known meatless burgers.

The Impossible King and Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper are currently two of its next plant-based launches. On June 27, the fresh burgers will be made accessible all around the country.

On a toasted sesame seed bun, the Impossible King will have a flame-grilled plant-based burger topped with American cheese, thinly sliced white onions, crunchy pickles, ketchup, and mustard.

The Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper includes a creamy spicy sauce, crispy bacon, seasoned tortilla strips, and an avocado spread.

A lineup of Southwest Bacon Whoppers, including a Jr. Southwest Bacon Whopper and a Double Southwest Bacon Whopper, also includes the Southwest Impossible burger.

Burger King's well-established transition to plant-based fast food is continued with the introduction of the new Whoppers.

These new Impossible releases may be a chance to rekindle some of the hype that the original Impossible Whopper created for Burger King, whose sales have struggled to return to pre-pandemic levels.

As more fast-food and fast-casual companies experiment with adding animal substitutes to the menu, plant-based options are growing in popularity.

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