Fascinating Fast Food Facts

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Domino’s in Australia and 

Texas have delivery robots

Domino’s in New Zealand 

had delivery drones

Subway used to be called Pete's 

Super Submarines

Subway was the largest 

chain in the world

Not all footlong Subway subs 

are 12 inches (30cm)

Chick-fil-A gives its first 

100 customers free meals

IHOP puts pancake 

batter in omelettes

Chipotle has a secret menu 

item called the Quesarito

Pizza Hut was named out of 


Pizza Hut delivered a 

pizza to space

There’s a Pizza Hut with a 

perfect view of the Pyramid of Giza

McDonald’s Chicken 

McNuggets have four shapes

McDonald’s used 

to sell pizza

McDonald’s is the world’s 

largest toy distributor

At McDonald’s in the Philippines 

you can order spaghetti

Burger King is called Hungry 

Jack’s in Australia

You can order Frings on Burger 

King’s secret menu

Costco Food Courts This State New Menu Item

Chipotle has a secret menu item called the Quesarito

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